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About Us

Velocity Infotech is a US based company that provides quality IT services and Integrated Solutions to the Global IT Industry. We offer a wide range of expertise in the Information Technology areas of software development services, system integration, systems administration, ERP solutions, and product development. Velocity Infotech delivers a whole spectrum of software services with the primary objective of maximizing business performance and profitability for our customers. Velocity Infotech is a company with a team of qualified and experienced systems professionals with extensive experience in software development on various hardware and software platforms.

At Velocity Infotech, we strive to create valuable synergies with our customers. With several consulting practices in place – viz. Staff Augmentation, Telecom, Systems Integration, ERP and CRM, Velocity Infotech serves its clients beyond bounds. With development facilities at various locations in India and the United States, we are the partners of choice to provide solutions for setting up dedicated offshore development centers in India. Our methodology combines people, technology and process to provide our clients with tangible, concise deliverables and a measurable return on investment.

We are also equipped to provide skilled personnel anywhere in the USA. For many years, customers have continued to leverage the quality, performance and responsive customer service that we provide for their Software Product/ Application Development, Software Testing, Systems Engineering, ERP Implementation/ Upgrade, CRM Implementation/ Upgrade, and Technical Documentation for their market success. Whether we provide highly qualified human resources, the latest technological innovations or end-to-end project solutions, our commitment to excellence is based wholly on our commitment to delight our clients.

Our professionals possess years of experience in analyzing, designing, and delivering information technology solutions, specializing in various technologies and industry segments. This breadth of expertise allows us to respond decisively and on time, in environments where complex variables and change are daily challenges

Mission & Vision

To deliver value based solutions effectively & efficiently to all our stakeholders.

To emerge as a global leader in the IT Service Industry, by delivering exceptional value to customers and employees alike.

Company Profile

Areas of Expertise
You want to be the best or at least among the best. And to get to that point, sometimes you may need some help. Help with technology, innovation and change. Help improving your overall technology strategy to improve your business performance.

The first step to achieving great results is determining where you want to go. The next is finding the right partner to help get you there.

Velocity Infotech promises to be that partner. We have helped many clients in various industries of different sizes – Fortune 1000, mid-sized companies and new economy businesses – to improve business performance and increase stakeholder value.

What Sets Us Apart?
--› Team Mobilization: Quick availability of high quality cost effective software professionals.
--› Responsiveness: Reduces time-to-market newer products and improves customer satisfaction.
--› Cost Optimization: Avoid peak and troughs, leading to unorganized recruitment or missing project deadlines, hence resulting in optimization of investment on resources. We at Velocity Infotech. can deliver the man power at your doorstep. The Power to deliver excellent resource, in the latest software technology areas.
--› Improved Market Share: Availability of highly skilled resources helps to expand the ability to seize new and more business opportunities. Cost-effective execution of a fixed price project at world-class offshore facilities is another aspect that we bring to the table.

Where Are We Headed?
In keeping with its mission, Velocity Infotech is committed to evolve into a leading Information Technology company providing cost-effective, superior quality and commercially viable solutions. To this end, Velocity Infotech provides its clients a successful and proven alternative to onsite software development, through its off-site programming and development model.

Velocity Infotech maintains well-equipped and state-of-the-art software development facilities at various locales in the USA, Canada and India, staffed by highly skilled and dedicated engineers. These engineers are experienced in executing multiple large project initiatives, encompassing the full system life cycle.

Why We’re Different
Fueled by the passion and experience of our dedicated consultants, Velocity Infotech helps solve our client’s most pressing challenges day-in and day-out. From strategy to execution, our disciplined yet flexible approach starts and ends with our clients. By listening hard and working harder, their goals become our goals. Their success is our satisfaction. And Client retention is our top priority.

More specifically, Velocity Infotech prides itself with its most valuable asset:

Our People
Our employee’s "Customer-First" attitude and focus on business values, makes Velocity Infotech stand apart in the competitive IT Services market. Velocity Infotech ' Human Capital gives its competitive edge from their competitors and helps set a new standard in the IT consulting industry. Our employees’ exceptional knowledge and skills combined with top notch customer oriented work ethic helps in creating competitive advantage.

We value and care for employees on par with our customers. Our work ethics and working conditions produces high level of employee satisfaction compared with the industry standards. Our employees, empowered with important business knowledge and skills increases the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

In this competitive knowledge based economy, the real strength of the company is decided by its talented employees and the intellectual property. We develop and empower our employees to play an important role in the development and the growth of the organization.

Velocity Infotech - The Experience
We aim to provide clients with the highest quality service by delivering The Velocity Infotech Experience:

--› Quality people, quality service, delivered on time.
--› Anticipation of needs, responsive to requests.
--› Effective communication, using the procedure the client prefers.
--› Knowledge of client’s business and industry.
--› Thoughts, recommendations, ideas that uncover opportunities that best fit the Client’s needs and goals.

We measure our success at delivering the Velocity Infotech’s Client Experience through our Service Quality Measurement (SQM) process. The SQM program involves:

--› Annually surveying clients on our performance.
--› Analyzing the data to uncover points of leverage for improvement.
--› Meeting with clients to discuss continuous improvement actions.
--› Repeating the process the next year.
--› Providing ongoing value to clients.

Quick contact

Velocity Infotech welcomes you. We help your organization in being more competitive and agile. You can contact us to get more information about our professional services and the product offerings.

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