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Application Development

Application Development

Today’s market demands businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. In addition to this, it is necessarily that an organization utilizes the best technology that not only suites their need, but also provides the solution which is both cost effective and cutting edge. With countless software solutions that are available in the market, our team can help assist you in choosing the right technology that fits the need. We at Velocity Infotech, can help our clients in making the right choice and help maximize productivity by providing customized solutions.

In order to cater to this very need, we at Velocity Infotech have gathered a team with experts who have been in the industry for many years. This constitutes programming experts in Java, DotNET and SQL; Database administrators and Backend developers in technologies such as Oracle and SQL Server, Testers , Business Analysts and Projects Managers.

Benefits of Velocity Infotech’ Application development Solution
--› Our experts, with the help of their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge can help make better decisions, within the specified time frame
--›The bottom line for our development team is maximizing the ROI and with sensible solutions, this is not only easily achieved, but can be implemented with ease.
--› As part of our practice, our solution not only involves Installation and development , but also entails maintenance and training.
--› With our team on call 24-7, any issue can be resolved within minutes

Velocity Infotech’ Application development Solutions
--› Customized Software development
--› Tuning and tweaking of existing software products
--› Maintenance and upgradation of existing solutions

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence helps the decision makers to form competitive and superior business strategies to drive business and stay ahead of competition. In this competitive world, availability of the right quantity of quality information at the right time is essential to remain competitive. Velocity Infotech’s data warehousing solution provides quality information to create competitive advantage for the clients. Business intelligence brings to the business cost savings and improved productivity.

Benefits of Utilizing the Velocity Infotech Portal Solution
--› Our expert technology professionals with deep industry knowledge improve customer satisfaction through high quality services.
--› Our business intelligence solutions help in making quality business decisions better and faster.
--› Our proven process and methodology maximize the ROI.
--› Improves Operational Efficiency
--› Maximizes profitability.
--› Improves customer relations through better understanding of customer behavior.

Velocity Infotech Business Intelligence Solutions
--› Data Warehousing Solutions.
--› Customer Analytics Services.
--› Sales and Marketing Analytics Services.
--› Supply Chain Analytics Services.
--› Data mining solutions.

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